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Be the player with the most victory points at the end of the game.

Rules summary

(This rules summary is based on the game help written by Andrew Agard for Board Game Geek, under Creative Commons license. Please see original file here for details. Thank you Andrew !)

Initial Placement

  • In clockwise order place a citizen in empty space of one building
  • Continue in counter clockwise order from last player and so on until all citizens placed

Game play

Phase 0: Reveal the Activity cards

Reveal activity card for each color corresponding to current round (first 3 rounds only)

Phase 1: Income and salaries

Receive 10 deniers and pay 1 per Bishopric and 2 per Palace citizen or lose 2 VP

Phase 2: Assembling the workforce

Roll yellow/white/red die per citizen in City Hall/Bishopric/Palace and place in district

Phase 3: Events

Reveal top red and white or yellow Event and place to right of queue (unlimited Events)

Events take effect from left to right

  • Military: start player takes 1 black die per die symbol
  • Other events: see annex (can’t execute: execute as much as possible and lose 2 VP)

After Events, roll black dice and counter:

  • Start player must counter highest-value with one or more dice form district. Total value must be >= die. Discard dice. May counter several dice at once
  • Gain 1 influence per dice countered (can’t counter: discard die and lose 2 VP)
  • In order players must counter highest remaining until all countered
  • Use any color dice. Double red dice. Can’t buy dice or use activity cubes

Phase 4: Actions

See below.

Phase 5: End of the round

Receive deniers from district

Return citizens lying on buildings to personal supplies

Return unused dice to general supply

Pass start player card left.


In order each player can use 1-3 matching dice for one action or pass. Round ends when no dice available or all players have passed May pay player or bank (gray) to use dice. If using 1/2/3 dice pay 2/4/6 deniers per dice

Activate Activity Card

Must have tradesman. Hire if necessary by paying indicated amount in deniers. Place citizen on free space (or illustration if full) from personal supply or any board location

  • 1 tradesman per player per card
  • Must activate at least once if tradesman hired
  • Citizens on card cannot be moved to newly freed space

Immediate effect: activation cost (round down) determines color and use of dice

Delayed effect: place cubes equal to activation cost. Use later (one cube per action)

Construct Cathedral

  • Use 1-3 white dice to place 1-3 cubes on same-numbered construction site
  • Must place on lower levels before placing in higher levels for each set of valued spaces
  • Gain 1 VP and 1 or 2 Influence for each cube placed in spaces 1-3 or 4-6

Combat Events

  • Activation cost (round down) defines dice and number of cubes to place on card
  • Place cubes on small banner starting with upper left. Gain 1 influence for each. Only place on a single card each action and can’t place more cubes than banners

Event countered when banners filled

  • Most cubes earns higher reward (tied: total rounded down, 2nd earns nothing). If only 1 player on card earn both rewards.
  • 2nd most cubes earns smaller reward (tied: total rounded down)
  • Most cubes takes card (tied: player who placed first). Discard if neutral has most
  • Marauding: rewards given, cubes removed, and then event is available again

Place a citizen on building

  • Use exactly one die to place one citizen from personal supply or any board location on first space of matching building row or space corresponding to die color and value
  • Shift existing citizens to right. Citizens pushed off are laid on building illustration
  • If already have expelled citizen nobody can expel your citizens from that building

Use Agriculture

  • Gain number of deniers equal to total value divided by 2 (round down)


  • If dice still in any city square, pass and receive 2 deniers which are placed in district
  • Each turn add another denier to district

Have a good game !