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similar tips like for hanabi:

secretmoon is command game (minimum actions and mutual(corporate) win) - so everything that good for your team - good for you secretmoon is game of possibilities (you have to calculate what is better 30% to win or 60% and be ruled by %s)

also you know that you have 5 variants of actions (watch/ask/call/protect/suicide attack/pass) i use simple english to help you understand what they mean and 3 turns (protection doesn't work for 3rd turn) and teams (Minister and Guards) + (Princess Wanderer Priest-answering like guard) and ways to win (uncover(call) Princess and Wanderer / uncover and catch Princess) + (uncover and catch Minister / stay covered till 3 day end) end of short rules

by these rules, depends on roles, you have to understand usual tips:

1) Priest = Joker - killer of guards: usually priest killing(calling) guards from the beginning - it decreasing movements of blue team to kill(call right) guard = 4/7 = 57% if nobody asked another "its me" player killing guards by Princess and Wanderer is 4/6 = 66% but if they miss - 90% it is the end for red team, but if priest miss red team still can win, ever have 33% that priest found minister, so killing by Priest - 70% success and 30% that you still able to win

2) Princess and Wanderer - because of win conditions Princess is more important, Wanderer killing guards - before and after priest 4/7 or 3/5|4/5 = 60%-80% another variant that you can combine: Wanderer/Princess asking - Priest getting 100% hit another geting 80%-100% hit also you all geting closer to find minister Princess killing random guards - usually Princess watching or asking (70/30%) but sometimes you can try to kill guard, usually you will have 40% to lose everything, but if you will be right you will kill 2 guards: one by you , another by calling you Wanderer - very effective and very dangerous? but not forget to help your teammates kill 100% guards and ask minister also

3) Guard - ask/watch 1st turn dilemma: if you ask random player - 2/7 = 28% success - mean that because of You your team can lose 72% games, because^ you giving 80% hits for reds also because reds asking, you could look like one of them, so your frinds will lose their moves to check you and this is one more reason why you will lose Guard watching - you just collect information, safety, if you will find red one, they will be under pressure: if you another guard you can see some variants of behaving: 1 - looking opponent too, it is mean that he scared, he could be NotGuard 2 - asking person who watched him, it is mean that he want that somebody killed this guard 3 - killing person who watched him - risky, but you got information that he NotBlue 100% 4 - somebody another killed guard that watched person - usually Wanderer trying to protect Princess, so all getting information from simple watching, if he will do nothing, guard that found red person will be able to open him at next turn,

also if you are watched and you dont want to give to others information^ - dont do anithing strange, and check everyone who do

4)what if somebody missed and found NotGuard : ask him to know right, if it is minister - princess and wanderer know it, so if you are guard - let to know to everyone who is there if you are Minister and somebody tried to kill you like a guard, let to others guards know that you are minister and catch missed Priest or Wandere, usually it will increase your chanceses to win

5) what if you found one red player? guard - use your life and push your luck 50%, usually better to call the Princess if it is random red player, because of conditions of win if you are minister - calling usually too risky(50% to lose whole game) so do something else

6) keep play ever if you have 6,5% to win, but not forget to calculate , you could have more chanceses

7)suicide attack - for Priest or Wanderer when you can safe the Princess uncovered at 3rd turn, they usually attackin the minister, or if you are guard, you can attack Priest so Princess and Wanderer will have to get some risk to find minister, maybe you will win because of this, or if after your lose your team could have very low chanceses, you alway have to try to increase them

blue team winning only by discipline and teamwork